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While married, parents in South Carolina have equal rights when it comes to their children. However, by law in this state, divorce can drastically change all of that. If the parents were never officially married, then custody of the kids the mother’s, forcing the father to fight in court to prove he is the more fit parent. Child custody litigation is usually emotional and can be an expensive ordeal. The courts would prefer the parents work out a custody arrangement between themselves.

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Custody impacts which parent has control over the children in making both big and small decisions. Decisions like where they will live, what they will do on a daily basis, what school they will attend, when and which doctor they will visit, and whether they will go to child custodychurch. Under South Carolina divorce law, neither of the parents has an automatic right to custody of their children. The state bar association asks that they look at their own personal situation closely. They should consider where they are living and how it will affect the kids, the available time they have for their children, and if they have the financial resources to meet the child’s needs. In the past, many times, the mothers were presumed to be the best parent, especially for young children. That is not the case any longer. In addition, parents no longer have to prove the other parent unfit in order to win custody.

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