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The divorce attorneys have a seamless track record in assisting families during their divorce and child custody related matters. The Sarji Law Firm, LLC strives in providing unparalleled attention and significant discussions to our Charleston clients. Our firm understands this is a sensitive time and you and your family are going through a tough patch. Our main goal is to make this process as quick and as worry-free as possible so you can turn the page and move on. Our divorce attorneys are always one phone call away if you need additional clarification, have a question or simply need someone to talk to about your divorce of custody issue.

Our family law firm has effectively represented clients in several diverse areas such as divorce, custody, assets and more. Our family law lawyers have been down this road several times, and we recognize how imperative it is to have a respectable working relationship with the other party’s divorce attorney. However, in the event the other party is not playing fair or being irrational, we will unquestionably fight for a just positive outcome for our client. Let us prove to you that you can have a great divorce lawyer by giving us the opportunity to be in your corner and fight for you.

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As you are searching for family law firms or more particularly a divorce attorney, we encourage you to research the track record of results. While law firms cannot share case names and individuals, we are able to describe the conditions and results that were gained over the years concerning family law and divorce cases in Charleston, South Carolina.


Our family law attorneys are eager to begin working with you today in resolving your current family or divorce matter and help get your life back to normal. Again, we understand this is a delicate time. However, there is no reason to make matters worse with unfortunate legal representation. Give us the chance to be your family law firm and divorce lawyer, and we are confident you will not be disappointed.

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